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Ruth is a humorous thoughtful observer of every day life, with her pulse on what women (especially those over fifty...and their daughters!) want in life.

Her audience is open, older, probably at the most free period of their lives, or certainly seeing it fast approaching, open to the new adventure, be it travel, learning a new skill, expanding social groups, diving into the wonderful world of social media, and making daily lives better, in even the smallest, seemingly inconsequential, ways.

Ruth is well-traveled. She grew up all over, including Brussels, Belgium, finding herself thrown into the European experience when what she most wanted was to be back in the States going to her high school prom, and instead learned to speak French with a Belgian accent. But all this movement in her life has honed her awareness of the huge strata of sociological ways of living, and has given her the ability to be comfortable where ever she finds herself—

Including in front of an audience, sharing her wisdom and humor, bringing laughter into the forefront as one of the best ways to live life.

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