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Throwback Thursday You Rock!

I love love love Throwback Thursday. I love old pictures from my past. I love old pictures from your past. I really do want to admire your grandmother’s wedding dress, or glory in your father’s old racing car, the one he crashed that time. And your mother never let him race again…or so she thought.

I love every old baby photo that is posted, especially if it is of you as a baby, or your mother as a baby. I love to see that old dog of yours when he was a puppy and still falling off the sidewalk. I love to see a photo of the sidewalk outside the house I lived in thirty years ago, and wonder why it took me so long to plant some daisies out there.

Or the photo of Bob’s Big Boy in San Gabriel, CA. where I spilled a milkshake all over my boyfriend’s brand new car, and he won’t admit it, but that was the beginning of the end. I took the picture before the spilling of the milkshake. And I wonder if Bob’s is even there anymore. In fact, are Bob’s Big Boys still around at all? They should be. They are where I learned to eat my onion rings with blue cheese dressing.

My two TBT photos here are of, first, the photo booth. Remember them? I hear they’re coming back. Well this is him and me when we were still, you know, madly in love. 1970. And the picture above is my father’s childhood home in Louisville, KY, taken in 1955. Apparently it was the talk of the neighborhood at Christmas when their outdoor Christmas lights went up. This gorgeous Victorian is still standing! And I spent many happy summer vacations there.

Gems from my past, for they are exactly that. And I am so very happy to look at your yours!

Throw Back Thursday, you rock!

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday #Humor #Nostalgia #Photography

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