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The Hoodie Grows Up

So I read in the newspaper that the hoodie has grown up. As I am a hoodie lover and hadn’t realize the hoodie needed to grow up, I was shaken. Because inherently, a hoodie is not a creation that is suppose to grow up. Like surfers. Who wear a lot of hoodies. So do ballet dancers and yogis, but I digress. A hoodie is meant to remain young.

Hoodies are in fact, meant to be left alone. Ask any true hoodie wearer. They would be the ones who wear their hoodies instead of a raincoat (usually in Southern California) when it’s raining out. They wear their hoodies inside when they have a cold, while watching tv and eating ice cream and feeling sorry for themselves. They wear their hoodies to bed, and make no apologies. They wear their hoodies to school and the doctor and even if they are not on their way to yoga. Finally, they have a lot of hoodies. And I mean a lot.

I like fashion as much as the next woman who must have a new pair of shoes every other day. I understand that to remain au courant, to keep energy going, to keep the fickle fashionista involved with their work, The New must appear like clockwork.

But what on earth can they do to make the hoodie NEW? What can they do? I repeat again. What? They are like a Volkswagon Bug.

It is telling, in my mind, that this article in the newspaper did not have any photographs to go with their threat. No. In the end the article was just a sharp note pointing out that the hoodie was about to be ushered into a new era.

I would completely alarmed, except for that fact there were no photos. No examples of the “new” hoodie. So I take comfort in the fact the piece was probably just a scam to get anyone who read it to rush out and buy more hoodies while the real thing is still on the racks.

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