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Katie Couric?

Are you the woman who wants to watch Katie Couric with your afternoon tea and cream? Somebody out there seems to think so. Somebody out there seems determined to keep Katie Couric on tv, in spite of the fact no one watched her on her most recent gig.

I don’t get Katie Couric. I don’t get Katie Couric’s hold on tv people. Or, as they would like to believe, her hold over the masses of tv (I presume, female) watchers.

There for awhile she was popular somewhere. Was it morning tv? But that night time gig didn’t work out, did it? Except for the wonderful interview she did with Palin during the campaign in which she skewered the Alaskan. That was a very popular moment–

But tv seems determined to keep her in front of our faces. It can’t be she needs the money. Nor does she seem to want to spend more time with her family…

It can’t be there isn’t anybody else to slide in and take over Oprah’s huge contingent. I mean, what about the Trump daughter, Ivanka, for instance? She has the connections, looks, brains, and willingness to fill the Oprah vacumn. Or how about some hot, powerful and okay, let’s really go for it…articulate guy. Elliot Spitzer! Oh wait, he already has a talk show.

I just don’t get Katie Couric. She’s too short, cute and weirdly driven, a Sally Fields does Everywoman with a Fifth Avenue penthouse and Laboutins. But it doesn’t matter what I think, quite obviously. Because here she is. Again. The tv person who never goes away. Katie Couric , all yours, every afternoon. Just your favorite best friend dropping by for a worldly chat–

Oh dear.

#CoffeeandCream #DaytimeTV #Humor #KatieCouric

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