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Couldn’t upload my photo of the Obamas shining in London, so this beacon will have to do. One day WordPress and I will be friends…

But this is all about those handsome Obamas! And how happy Europe is to see them!

I was in Paris when Obama was elected. I cast my vote for him from there. In fact, that day at the busy Parisian post office, my reason for being there got me to the front of the line. I had explained what I was there to mail, and added that I was voting for Obama. The post office manager’s had eyes lit up. “C’est tres important,” he said, ushering me to the front of the correct line. I didn’t even bother to demur. Hell, I agreed.

The day after Obama was elected was the first time the neighborhood magazine kiosk guy acknowledged my existence. I stopped in to get the paper. There was Obama’s beaming face on the front page. I held it up to the grim magazine kiosk man and wooping (very quietly, bien sur) I gave the victory sign.

Well, the magazine kiosk guy turned into a different man. I suddenly could see the man with whom his wife had fallen in love. He grinned, and omigod, he had dimples. Who knew! Who knew dour French kiosk men could even have dimples. Is there a word for ‘dimple’ in French? Yes there is. ‘La fossette’. But so, okay, the magazine kiosk man dimpled up with delight, made the vee sign with both hands, and pronounced “C’est si bon pour vous Americains.”

I agree.

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