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Mother love is much on my mind these days as I contemplate getting a small apartment up in Oregon. My daughter lives there, and I’d like to see her more often, without being the houseguest who smells in three days. I mean, what kind of trip is three days anyway. A waste of time, that’s what. So I need a room of my own–

(Thank you, Ben Franklin and Virgina Woolf).

A likely apartment has been found. I need to snap it up sooner than I planned–

And so I will. No one’s going to call me a wimp.

Oregon–about which I hear nothing but good. Maybe even a little too good for the likes of me, coming from the mean and gritty streets of Newport Beach, CA. I mean we’re pretty green here, pretty up on the importance of doing the right thing ecologically, once we’ve made sure there are enough parking spaces in our carports at home. But nothing like the earnestness I feel emanating from Oregon.

I have good friends, though, who adore Oregon, to the extent they go up there from down here, to a condo they’ve bought, every week-end, to shake off the stress of living in SoCal. Their lucky dog gets to go. The cats have to wait at home, given their adverse response to shifts in the daily routine.

I’ve lived a lot of places. Usually I’ve blown there because of life’s happenstances. Left to my own devices I wouldn’t be able to pick a specific spot to live or visit for an extended period of time. And in the end, where ever it is, including even, Northern Florida, I have found a wonderful place. A place with every nook and cranny worth exploring.

So now I’m adding Oregon to my roster of places I will eventually know really really well. I’ve looked up which months are the sunniest. I already know I intend to be there when the lilacs are in bloom. I will come during the dreary months too because I’m no wimp…have I mentioned this? I wish it snowed up there, but I hear tell it doesn’t much, certainly not to the extent where one should rush out and invest in skis. The dog park, where my daughter lives, is the most picturesque I’ve ever seen, except for the ocean/beach dog park in Huntington Beach–

I’m like, so packed already!

#ecologyfriendly #Humor #MotherLove #Oregon #Travel

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