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Tidy Saturday


Today my newspaper’s astrology person informed me, in no uncertain terms, that I, and all other Leos, need to organize our workspaces. That we need to get organized if we are to proceed forward with our lives.

Today was also proclaimed to be the end of the world by some group or other. I don’t know the details so don’t quote me. But all I know is the world obviously isn’t ending today…and until I read my horoscope this morning, I felt very good about about that, and my…well…disordered workspace.

I like a chaotic desk. I think it’s a manifestation of creative creativity. I like an overloaded studio. It looks like love. I like not having enough bookcases for all my books. I like those colorful (and fading) paintings by my children on the walls. I like those mirrors leaning against the walls, and the sandals and running shoes on the floor, and books and maps and newspapers on my desk, and the fact I have journals going back to 1982. These come in handy winning arguments related to exact dates of happenings. I like winning arguments.

But so, where I see exuberance and fun, astrologically, apparently, I should see danger. I should be filled with the unarguable sense that my happy clutter is not that at all, but is, instead, an immense block to moving forward. I want to move forward, right? Of course I do.

So okay. Sometimes I can rise to the challenge and take direction. Today I will. The newspaper told me to, so I will shift and sort. I will put some books over there, and buy a new bookcase for over here. I’ll get the maps in one pile. I’ll put all journals before 1995 away…somewhere–

I will get beautifully and blissfully organized. And therefore I will then move forward.

Life should always be this easy!

#Astrology #Clutter #Humor #Newspaper #Organization

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