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SoCal Waves

Big Waves at the Wedge, CA

FIVE THINGS to remember before frolicking in the water at this beach:

NEVER turn your back on the waves. They are big. They will suck you under, and laugh while doing so. And unless you’ve been raised on this beach from age two, re-consider getting in the water here at all.

If sucked under, which in all likelihood will happen, while spinning down down down, throw your arms around your head. Eventually this will become an automatic reflex.

Don’t underestimate how frigidly cold the Pacific is. It is not anything like lukewarm. It is not kind. It is not the Atlantic Ocean south of Maryland. It is cold in the highest order. The temperature of the water, even in the middle of August, will knock the breath right out of you.

If you’re Catholic, and heck, even if you’re not, this is one time when making the sign of the cross using the ocean for holy water, will make you look smart.

Wear a one piece swimming suit if you’re female. Wear a jock strap under your swimming suit if you’re male. It is all too easy to lose said swimsuit if it is small, insubstantial or only one layer deep. If this is just too much swimsuit for you, have a friend with towel on the beach whose sole purpose is to keep an eye on you.

Finally, if you are bound and determined to enter the water, absolutely do so in front of a lifeguard stand on a green flag day. Yes, it will be crowded right around the lifeguard stands, and down the beach will be nice and empty, but trust me on this one.

So, there you are. Do have a swell time!

#Beaches #California #Humor #Ocean #BigWaves #Swimming

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