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Prius and Co, Move Over

slow lane sunflowers

Har har!!! At last the carpool lanes return to what God originally intended them for–persons in LA actually driving on the freeway with someone else in the car with them.

Because on July 1, all those Prius holier-than-thous will no longer be allowed in the carpool lane unless they too have another actual human in the car with them.

Ahh it’s sweet. Sooooo sweet! I know this doesn’t speak well of my soul’s health, but there it is. It made me choke on my green tea every time a Prius, occupied by a sole driver, sailed by me in that lovely carpool lane. The carpool lane had not been created with them in mind. The carpool lane had been created to encourage people here in Southern California to…gasp shriek…carpool, thereby reducing the number of cars on the freeways.

But then someone high up in sales-challenged Prius began sleeping with someone high up in the Sierra Club. So the two put their heads together for something besides fornication, and voila! If you could talk your snobbish soul into actually purchasing one of those hatch back runts, fast and free sailing in the carpool lane, all alone in your car, was yours to have and enjoy.

It worked. People rushed out and bought those hideous, ecology friendly cars. I even have a friend who did. She claims she loves loves loves the car. Let’s see if she keeps that car now that it nets her zilch out there on the freeways.

July 1 it all ends, and the little creeps-I-mean-hybrids have to move back into the real world of freeway rush hour traffic just like all the rest of us who were too proud to take a bribe.

#Bribes #Ecology #Freways #Humor #Prius

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