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Weekends R Clothes

Last weekend went from the sublime to the…how shall I say it?…um…successful. Will and Kate were married. I approved of her dress. And Osama Bin Laden was finally removed from this earth. : ))

I don’t have the kind of plans for this week-end that could possibly equal the a-list happenings of last week-end. Not even in my choices for home viewing.

But there is one notable happening. I am going to see a friend perform his very first public stand-up comedy routine. Since I wish I had the gumption to do stand-up, I will being dying of envy. I am going to have to work very hard to see the best in my friend’s debut. I am going to have to work very hard to be open to his punch lines and encouraging enough to laugh. And I mean loud, often, and in all the right places. I know he’s worried sick. It seems he’s already tried to back out. But his wife said no.

It’s not all bad for him though, because he’s not the sort to be worried sick about what he’s going to wear. In fact special clothing for their shows doesn’t seem to be an issue for male comics…except for the fabulous Eddie Izzard! May he be kept in blue glitter for as long as his inner comic should live.

Back to my friend’s outfit, which will be jeans and a shirt, sleeves rolled up, I would be totally sick over the issue of what to wear for my debut. Just as I’m sure Kate Middleton was about her wedding gown. Although, she may have been as cool as a cucumber, sure in the taste of her designer, during the hours and weeks and days and nights and endless minutes of fitting sessions.

Aah, week-ends and clothes, though. Given it was Sunday, Bin Laden was probably lounging around in old sweats. He didn’t have a chance to change into something more appropriate in which to meet his maker. Not even a quick moment to straighten his beard. He may have pulled at it unconsciously as he was going down, but all and all, he was spared the agony of the clothes issue.

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