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Ruth Yunker is an author, humorist, memoirist, vlogger and photographer.


She's been writing for thirty-five years, and has published everything from literary short stories, magazine articles, newspaper columns and book reviews, to an NPR show called "Everyday is Astrological", and a cartoon strip "Zoe's Voice", about single parenting.


Ruth Yunker has written two books, in equal parts travel memoir and humor. Me, Myself and Paris and Paris, I've Grown Accustomed to Your Ways are both about surviving Paris as a single woman whose French is spoken with a Belgian accent (teenage years lived in Brussels), and who feels compelled to smile at strangers, even knowing such behavior is way outside the bounds of Parisian politesse.


In her latest book Baby, I'm the Boss of Me she takes on the joy and humor of aging, defining it clearly and precisely as the most powerful time of one's life, should one choose to make it so.


Ruth Yunker had a peripatetic childhood, and has continued the pattern as an adult. She is well-traveled and acutely attuned to both the gifts and foibles of her fellow man. As a result, she can say hello with the inflection and accent of a native anywhere she finds herself, and sometimes can even tell a joke successfully in French.


She currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She has two grown children, two divorced husbands, is in between pets, and is about to give up the big SUV for a smaller, more battered car to survive the appalling traffic issues in the gently aging Los Angeles.


Ruth Yunker is vivacious and intelligent, opinionated and funny, an easy-going, charming and witty story teller, who brings humor, her personal history and the power of her convictions to every book she writes, and every audience to whom she speaks.

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