IMG_0624I love love love Throwback Thursday. I love old pictures from my past. I love old pictures from your past. I really do want to admire your grandmother’s wedding dress, or glory in your father’s old racing car, the one he crashed that time. And your mother never let him race again…or so she thought.

I love every old baby photo that is posted, especially if it is of you as a baby, or your mother as a baby. I ... Continue reading »

Musician, Barcelona

Barcelona, we’ve only just met, and I’m already on my way.  I’d prefer to stay awhile, maybe have to go to the grocery store to make a real meal to serve to friends to really feel like I’m getting to know you, but it’s not to be.

I remember when rushing into a new town, frantically seeing all the famous sights, walking my legs off and staying in hotels was my idea of blissful travel.  Not now, I ... Continue reading »

Montserrat, Barcelona

So, I’m a reluctant tourist at best.  Short attention span at best.

And best at being the tourist who has a companion leading the way.  So I don’t have to think or plan or pay attention–

But here I am, exploring a new place, alone.  Which is how I like it, so as a tourist, I’m in a little bit of trouble.

Take yesterday and a nice little jaunt to Montserrat, an old monastery an hour and a ... Continue reading »

Mr. Pids, Paris

On my way to Barcelona, I stopped in Paris to leave a suitcase at a friend’s apartment.  I am sure this part of the plan was worth it.

So worth it because I met Mr. Pids.  He’s nine months old, and is actually named Piddles, but I think this is one of those names based on premature impressions.  Mr. Pids is a fine young hound now.  He kept me company all afternoon as I tried to stave ... Continue reading »

Lifeguard Station

So this is called a marine layer, and all I know is that marine layers belong to June and December around these here parts, which happen to be Newport Beach, CA.  Marine layers DO NOT belong here in September which is the best month of the year for the beach because it gets nice and hot, minus all the summer crowds.  And it’s sunny.  All day.

This marine layer has been hanging around since last May.  It hovers, ... Continue reading »

The Tulips Go With the Walls

I’m on vacation…a working vacation, but let’s not split hairs.

There’s a great big tv sitting opposite a great big couch, which is positioned dangerously close to my computer.  Because even though my back is to the couch and tv when I’m sitting at the computer, I feel their eyes on me, drawing me back to daytime tv.

This summer I discovered HGTV.  Who knew?!  Did you know?  All those fabulous shows?!  Omigod.  I’ve ... Continue reading »


So, I don’t like road trips in the first place.  Maybe it’s because I live in Southern California, and to say I live in my car is not to exaggerate the situation.

But I don’t think I ever liked them, even though the childhood road trips were as pleasant as my mother could make them.  These included bi-annual trips from Massachusetts to Kentucky where my parents had grown up.  It was on one of those trips, that I left ... Continue reading »

Statue of Liberty

I blew into NYC last week.  And then I blew right back out.

I think that sounds really cool, the blowing in and out of NYC.  Makes me sound like I do it all the time.

But I don’t.  I barely go to New York.  Last time I was there was ten years ago.  This is practically a sin.  New York City is NEW YORK CITY, right?  An iconic place.  An American iconic place.  I should be ... Continue reading »

La Grange, IL train station

I get away from the beach madness of Southern California in the summer to the quiet countryside of Western Illinois.   But it takes me longer to get from Newport Beach to Macomb than it takes me to get from LA to Paris.  This normally isn’t a problem.  The trip happens once at the beginning of the summer.  Then weeks later, at the end of the summer.

But this summer I had to leave Macomb right ... Continue reading »

The Snowman Who Could

It’s the oldest wish in the world.  Wanting snow in July.  Not just any July, but a July that is breaking all time heat records.

I love to visit snow.  In SoCal snow is but an hour away, so yes, that’s what we do.  We take day trips on Saturday up into the mountains and pretend we’re living back East.

I love snow at Christmas.  I positively adore snow on a ski trip, as I’m sure ... Continue reading »