Kentucky Derby

Plaid ForeverSeptember  is the sorrowful month of starting school. Seeing all those little kids letting go of summer bliss, standing on the corners waiting for buses, wearing  real clothes and heavy shoes…I could weep for them.

The horrible day I went to first grade, I wore plaid. My father was thrilled with this. He’s a Southerner by birth, doesn’t have a drop of Glasgow in him, and yet, the man loves plaid.

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My Favorite Guy

It’s the Kentucky Derby today.  My parents grew up in Louisville, KY, and so the Kentucky Derby is as important as Christmas…okay, not that important.  But it is alive and well here in So Cal…in theory.  Even as I sit here tapping away (to give WordPress a chance to see things my way, actually), one of my sisters and my dear Pa are even now ensconced in front of the television watching the pre-race show.  It’s a

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