IMG_0624I love love love Throwback Thursday. I love old pictures from my past. I love old pictures from your past. I really do want to admire your grandmother’s wedding dress, or glory in your father’s old racing car, the one he crashed that time. And your mother never let him race again…or so she thought.

I love every old baby photo that is posted, especially if it is of you as a baby, or your mother as a baby. I ... Continue reading »

So I read in the newspaper that the hoodie has grown up. As I am a hoodie lover and hadn’t realize the hoodie needed to grow up, I was shaken. Because inherently, a hoodie is not a creation that is suppose to grow up. Like surfers. Who wear a lot of hoodies. So do ballet dancers and yogis, but I digress. A hoodie is meant to remain young.
Hoodies are in fact, meant to be left alone. Ask any true ... Continue reading »

IMG_4167I adore the beginning of the HOLIDAY SEASON. That swell of happiness. Like Pavlov’s dog, Christmas bells light up my life. Yours too, I’ll bet.

But by the time Christmas and New Year rolls around, I’m tired. I’m resentful. I’m ready to throw in the towel. Because we all know how hard the HOLIDAY SEASON actually is. The cooking, the shopping, the frayed nerves, the money…

I want that thrilling holiday season mood to last longer. I have tried pacing ... Continue reading »

Plaid ForeverSeptember  is the sorrowful month of starting school. Seeing all those little kids letting go of summer bliss, standing on the corners waiting for buses, wearing  real clothes and heavy shoes…I could weep for them.

The horrible day I went to first grade, I wore plaid. My father was thrilled with this. He’s a Southerner by birth, doesn’t have a drop of Glasgow in him, and yet, the man loves plaid.

So there I was, first day of school, wearing ... Continue reading »

Musician, Barcelona

Barcelona, we’ve only just met, and I’m already on my way.  I’d prefer to stay awhile, maybe have to go to the grocery store to make a real meal to serve to friends to really feel like I’m getting to know you, but it’s not to be.

I remember when rushing into a new town, frantically seeing all the famous sights, walking my legs off and staying in hotels was my idea of blissful travel.  Not now, I ... Continue reading »

Montserrat, Barcelona

So, I’m a reluctant tourist at best.  Short attention span at best.

And best at being the tourist who has a companion leading the way.  So I don’t have to think or plan or pay attention–

But here I am, exploring a new place, alone.  Which is how I like it, so as a tourist, I’m in a little bit of trouble.

Take yesterday and a nice little jaunt to Montserrat, an old monastery an hour and a ... Continue reading »

Mr. Pids, Paris

On my way to Barcelona, I stopped in Paris to leave a suitcase at a friend’s apartment.  I am sure this part of the plan was worth it.

So worth it because I met Mr. Pids.  He’s nine months old, and is actually named Piddles, but I think this is one of those names based on premature impressions.  Mr. Pids is a fine young hound now.  He kept me company all afternoon as I tried to stave ... Continue reading »

Lifeguard Station

So this is called a marine layer, and all I know is that marine layers belong to June and December around these here parts, which happen to be Newport Beach, CA.  Marine layers DO NOT belong here in September which is the best month of the year for the beach because it gets nice and hot, minus all the summer crowds.  And it’s sunny.  All day.

This marine layer has been hanging around since last May.  It hovers, ... Continue reading »

The Tulips Go With the Walls

I’m on vacation…a working vacation, but let’s not split hairs.

There’s a great big tv sitting opposite a great big couch, which is positioned dangerously close to my computer.  Because even though my back is to the couch and tv when I’m sitting at the computer, I feel their eyes on me, drawing me back to daytime tv.

This summer I discovered HGTV.  Who knew?!  Did you know?  All those fabulous shows?!  Omigod.  I’ve ... Continue reading »


So, I don’t like road trips in the first place.  Maybe it’s because I live in Southern California, and to say I live in my car is not to exaggerate the situation.

But I don’t think I ever liked them, even though the childhood road trips were as pleasant as my mother could make them.  These included bi-annual trips from Massachusetts to Kentucky where my parents had grown up.  It was on one of those trips, that I left ... Continue reading »