Ruth Yunker


I was a reader first.  Twelve books at a time from the library.  Slurped up before they were due back.

I resisted putting pen to paper until I was thirty.  I vaguely knew I could write, but I very specifically knew it was a hard slog, this writing thing.  And I was not into hard slogs.

One day though, I signed up for two writing classes at Goucher.  One teacher didn’t notice I was there.  But the other one loved everything I wrote.  So, I thought, just maybe, I might look into the whole writing life.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I had been given a valuable insight into the writing business.  Some people will love your stuff.  Others won’t.  So, writers must have complete confidence in their own work.

My first short story “Way Station” was published in 1987.  I’ve published short stories in literary journals such as Epoch, The North American Review, Kalliope and Boulevard.   “The Corner View” appeared in The Missouri Review, and was included in 1989 Best American Short Stories.

I’ve written magazine articles and columns, with an emphasis on parenting (single and step).  I’ve written book reviews for several newspapers.  I’ve written astrology columns including for Ladies Home Journal.  And I wrote and recorded an astrology show for the local NPR station in Jacksonville, Florida, called Everyday is Astrological.  This was followed up by local voice-over work.

After a seven-year hiatus from writing, I have again put pen to paper, writing about what I enjoy most, the humor in the minutiae of daily life, and the quirky challenges of negotiating life in general.

I have a column in The Laguna Beach Independent, Laguna Observed.  It consists of lighthearted musings on life in the eccentric and arty community of Laguna Beach, California.

PEARLS & AMBER, The Wit is on the Wall is my blog.  This deals with humor I find in anything I read, from newspapers to billboards to recipes on the back of cereal boxes.  It is my literary cartoon.

And now my book “ME, MYSELF and PARIS, One Toe Under the Eiffel Tower, the Other In the Grocery Store” has been published.

And about me personally?  I leapt into blonde on my fiftieth birthday and have never looked back. And even though now a blonde and totally into clothes and candlelight dinners, I can tell a joke, drive stick shift, and play poker.  I don’t smoke or drink, however.  Therefore I am severely limited in any kind of involvement in the latter.

I have divorced two husbands, which means I have been married most of my adult life.  I have two grown children whom I adore.  And finally, I credit my yoga practice with just about everything!