This is me staring at my mother as she dropped me off at the new school.  New kid again…

Well actually, what this is, see, is my new blog.  I’ll love it, I know, when I figure out this WordPress format.  I’ll do it…because how hard can it be, right?  And because the powers that be have insisted Word Press, which I currently hate with a passion, is the only way to go.  Maybe.  But in the meantime, I’m in mourning for TypePad, and my old blog Pearls and Amber.  Just so you know.

Sooooo, WordPress?   All I can say is: what I had to go through to upload this one little picture.  I don’t know what I actually did right, in the end.  A fearsome “crunching” thing kept announcing, no matter what combination of sequences I tried, with the triumphant finality of a malevolent bureaucrat, that there had been a fatal error.  Fatal error?  What?  Fatal?  Three year olds write this program?


Anyway,  finally Zaeria’s impatient face showed up, and there you have it.   Impatient kitty photo, and me, sitting here with no clue as to what I intended to write.  All I can report is that Zaeris was let in, and is now sound asleep on the couch over there.  Which is a blessing.  Because her meow could wake the dead.  Fatal, indeed.

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  1. Molly Swoboda says:

    Charming inaugural post. Congratulations and I will be watching for more. ~m

  2. Well done Ruth!

    And hang in there… Rome wasn’t built in a day either!


  3. Lynde Ryan says:

    Welcome to WordPress and I love the way Zaeria stretches down the left side. I will have to work on that! You are bookmarked!! I will eagerly check for new posts.

  4. James Yunker IV says:

    Happy to help with WordPress. I use it on the regular with my websites. Cute kittie!

  5. Kathy Kurutz says:

    This “Everyday is Travel” fits. It does. So does “Kitty wants in…” Bless Molly. Bless you. This blog will light up the day, Ruth.

  6. Bravo, Ruth. You are on your way. I just received from Amazon “Teach Yourself Visually WordPress,” by Janet Majure. Publisher: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

    Oh, my heart goes out to you. I had a web designer do my new website on WordPress. Don’t know how to update the one Blog he published on it. Oy vey!!

  7. Hello Ruth! I love your kitty Zaeria’ picture. Sorry to hear you are having a hard time with word press. It’s been recommended to me too, but I’ve been using blogspot and have not tried wordpress yet, despite it’s relative popularity. I’m an old foggie when it comes to trying new internet mechanisms…I stick to what I know. But I’m happy to see you exploring and THRILLED to see you writing about your hilarious, inspiring stories. Keep it up. I’m sure you’ll beat wordpress into submission before the next time that Zaeria wants in!

  8. Welcome to what is essentially the Blogger scene….!
    It’s an amusing place, sometime infuriating, sometimes nerve wracking, but always good for expression….even cats get to say their piece.
    Good luck!
    (iwmpop – Mr le Marquis)

    (ps – you may have to put a “comments control” on – spam doesn’t come just in tins….!)

  9. Just an info….the “Twitter” link doesn’t seem to work.

  10. JudyB says:

    Lovely debut, Ruth. Izzy thinks Zaeria’s just lovely. So do I. Worth all the arguing with WP.

  11. Diane Norton says:

    Good luck with all this . . .

  12. Melinda Blau says:

    Blogging, Ruth, is like sending an email to the Universe. And never knowing who’s reading it!

    Good luck from a woman who has two (blogs) and writes for a number of other ones!
    Melinda Blau