An Ode To Marriage

Okay, so I am an American woman, and therefore am having a totally uncool reaction to this um…situation.

I think, natch, that DSK is scum, and am all the more put off by the fact his behavior towards women has been a well-known secret in Europe for, like, years.  So uncool of me.  So totally, priggishly uncool of me.

And then there’s her, the wife.  In this case a raging ego-maniac…I mean heiress-former-Oprah-of-her-country, who has all kinds weapons to throw at the situation.  Including piles of money.  And that absolutely hilarious phrase “He didn’t do it.”  My lack of sympathy?  So unempathetic of me.  So…prudish of me.

I despise men who behave how DSK has acted.  Natch.  I’m an American, and just can’t see my way clear to thinking there is something sophisticated or cute or boyishly over-enthusiastic about a grown man (with four daughters to boot) who thinks his penis is worthy of all that unwanted attention.  I suppose I could drum up some empathy if I pursued the notion that he is mentally ill, but DSK would vigorously deny that slant.

As far as the wife is concerned, I just can’t fathom it.  I just can’t fathom any wife (read Maria Shriver) who looks the other way when her man actively and unpleasantly, feels entitled to paw any woman who happens to turn up in a room alone with him.   In this case, Annie (wife of DSK) apparently wants to be First Lady of France (And why not?  She seems to have everything else except a man who actually wants her).  And to this end, she’s been using DSK to get there.  Just as Ms. Shriver defended her groper…I mean husband, way back when he was first running for governor of California.

I understand that in France there’s much disgust at the way the uncool and immature Americans have dragged their oh-so-important guy through the mud.    Well of course.  Obviously the men over there have got a good thing going.  And none of them wants it messed with, particularly by us prim Americans who are wantonly treating one of their poster boy philanderers like a loser molester.

But the women?  What are they really thinking when they look at their philandering husbands?  Are they keeping in mind their own affairs of groping?  Are they thinking about the cozy checking account? Or that very necessary position in society?

Over here in puritanical and very uncool America, they begin to look like a bunch of cartoon characters, very stuck in “the way it’s always been done.”

Which in America gets you laughed out of the room.


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  1. Gina says:

    Ruth, I love you. (But you knew that, right?) I agree with you 100%, but don’t forget that this isn’t about sex and philandering although DSK is certainly a pro at that. This is about rape. Violence. Humiliation. Crime. The French condemnation of the way our legal system is handling this is ridiculous in its hypocrisy, and you’re right–the women who allow and support men’s philandering, and in this case RAPE ought to be ashamed.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Today I heard co-tenants in the building where a new lease was arranged for DSK’s American house arrest collaboratively revoked a newly signed lease after it was discovered how the leased property was going to be used (such was not disclosed at initial lease signing, from what I could gather through all the negative hunting by media). Co-tenants coming together in this manner was new to my impressions of collective American living, and I was pleased to know such actions were executed (and then for all to clearly see).